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Hole #8 - 137 yards, Par 3 - 9th most difficult hole

Hole #8 - 137 yards, Par 3 - 9th most difficult hole
Is this the easiest hole on the course? Certainly if you hit the green it is. The green on this hole is basically flat with a slight back to front slope. The hole plays anywhere from 130 to 140 yards in length which means that most individuals can reach it with a short to medium iron. It is only one of two holes (the other being the 3rd) that does not have a sand trap.

The problem comes when you miss the green. The green sits on a crown with a tree protecting the left front portion. The left side drops off severely approximately 15 feet, the right side about 4 feet. Far back left can bring the brook into play. This is no rough in the front so that a tee shot that is short can be putted. A tee shot that just lands on the front of the green more than likely will roll back off the green. While the front middle can be a difficult placement the truly hardest (and infrequently used) is back left. A pin placement here requires you to draw the ball of the tee. A shot pulled left will hit the tree in front and a shot pushed the slightest bit right will more than likely end off the green to the right.