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Hole #4 - 297 yards, Par 4 - 8th most difficult

Hole #4 - 297 yards, Par 4 - 8th most difficult
This hole looks like it should be an easy birdie, with par being the worst score you should get. While pars may be plentiful this is a good example of how to design a short hole. On the tee you are faced with a small gully in front of you with a steep face. Out-of-bounds runs the entire length of the right side and around beyond the green. On the left is large oak tree (which comes into play more on the next hole) with heavy rough on both the left and right sides. A couple of trees on the right side(both of which are still growing and will really vex golfers in the coming years) and a few smallish evergreens on the left can play havoc with an errant tee shot (as can a ball badly pushed or sliced which will likely end up out of bounds). The front of this two tiered green faces the right side of the fairway with the back portion open to shots from either the left or right side of the fairway. Two sloped bunkers guard the front left and right sides of the green. The backside of the green is slightly raised with out-of-bounds a possibility for a ball struck over the green.

The 4th Green

If the pin is in the front you should hit a tee ball to the right side of the fairway. A common mistake is to try to "bomb" a tee ball, which may leave you having to hit a delicate shot over a bunker to a sloping green. Even if the pin is in the back, trees or bushes may hinder a long errant drive. If the pin is in the front don't hit it onto the back as you will have a putt that drops about five feet. If the pin is in the back don't leave you ball in the front as you may have a putt with a sizeable break. Numerous golfers have hit this green in two only to leave with a bogey. The most difficult pin placement is back right.