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Hole #3 - 371 yards, Par 4 - 4th most difficult

Hole #3 - 371 yards, Par 4 - 4th most difficult
You begin play on the crest of a sloping hole that drops approximately 40 feet. At about 220 yards on either side are fairway bunkers. Huge trees line the left side of the fairway. At this height a pulled or hooked drive has a good chance at clearing them, however you will not find it so easy to shoot over them once you are at ground level. Out of bounds and small forest borders the right side of the fairway. Sometimes an extreme right tee is used which requires the golfer to fade the tee shot however from the normal tee placements the location of the pin dictates whether you should fade or draw the ball. On this hole a drive straight down the middle will allow you to attack most any pin placements.

A well-struck tee shot should, even if slightly pushed or pulled clear the fairway bunkers. The green is slightly bell-shaped with the head of the bell facing towards the tee. Sloped bunkers line both fronts of the green. Because of this an extreme right pin placement will be hard to attack from the right side of the fairway with an extreme left pin placement being hard to attack from the left side of the fairway. The last 10 feet of the green slopes back leaving very little room for error when there is a back pin placement. This is a fair test of golfing ability. It rewards good play while penalizing the golfer who has yet to get his or her tee shots up to par. And, when the pin is back right, the second shot can be a knee-knocker.